Monday, January 26, 2009

blog dewi


ku pun lom explore blog ko



Anonymous said...

best lagu tok aku setuju wi

fazimi a.k.a slymer said...

erkk..!! wiwi... betul ke..? ke org kg yg panggil.. hehe..
kita nak panggil wiwi laa.. kalu xble kita panggil kiwi je.. :P
muka rangga tu sekali tgk mcm muka sy laa..
apa2 pn nice starting for that page.. so update

Anonymous said...

hai dewi,

Anyway nice changes.. but i hope u can improve more about your blog especially the contents because until now i haven't seen any related contents with your blog title "tentang seseorang" which i think quite romantic blog.. hiihii..
u can keep it up!